Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Goose is Cooked

I was told by a good dancer that they "liked" this dance and I overheard a not-so new dancer commenting to a beginner that it was more challenging, and it made you think.  It may need at least a medium level for complexity.  Then again, it could just be my lack of calling experience that led to any confusion (I wouldn't put it past me).

Your Goose is Cooked by Stohl & Rob
Indecent (Improper but with the Lady on the Left), Duple Minor

*A1: Partners Pass Thru across the set and Swing (16)
A2: Partners Cross Trails (8)
      Right Shoulder Gypsy your Shadow 3/4 and walk forward to your partner (and your set) (8)
B1: Circle Left 3/4 (8)
      Neighbor Swing (8)
*B2: Neighbors Pass Thru and Turn away from Neighbor to new set (8)
      Star Left 3/4 (8)

* Progression happens at the beginning of B2.  So either start the walk through with the "Star LEFT" or rotate the sets 1 space to the left so that partners are on the same side of the set with the lady on the LEFT.

When I called this dance it was later suggested that the Gypsy with the shadow felt too much like it needed to go into a swing.  I had originally wrote it "Gypsy 1-time" and that's how I called it so I think that "3/4" is better so that folks break the eye contact in time to return to their partner.  Turning over the shoulder in B2 works best if the Ladies turn right and then Gents turn left.  Perhaps a push off with the neighbor might get people going the right direction.

I read Geesetown Crossing by Heiner Fischle in which a cross trails occurred.  I decided to experiment with the move.  My efforts produced a dance that didn't work.  But a little more work spawned three that are viable and the goose theme stuck.

This first dance is non-stop movement:

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