Monday, March 26, 2012

It's All in the Eyes

This dance was written to give ample opportunity for couples to stare deeply into each other's eyes as well as someone else's (just enough to torment your partner).

It's All in the Eyes by Stohl & Rob
Becket, Duple Minor

A1: Balance the Ring (4)
      Partner Pass Thru across set to form a Gypsy Star (4)
      Gypsy Star Clockwise 1 time (Lady walking backwards) (8)
A2: Partner Balance and Swing (16)
B1:  Ladies Pass Right to Cross the set to your Neighbor (2)
       Neighbor Gypsy Right (6)
       Neighbor Swing (8)
B2:  Ladies Chain to Partner with a Courtesy Turn (8)
       Lady lead by the Right a Right Diagonal Half-Hey (8)

I called this dance once and it was approved by the dancers.

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