Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That's Not Your Goose

Final installment in the Goose series:

That's Not Your Goose by Stohl & Rob
Becket, Duple Improper

A1: Partner Balance & Swing (16)
A2: Partners Cross Trails (8)
      See-Saw the one you meet 1 time then back to Partner (8)
B1: Gents Cross (4)
       Neighbor Swing (12)

B2: Balance the Circle (4) and Gents Partner Roll away with a 1/2 Sashay across the set (4)
       All march Clockwise 3/4 & Progress up the side (8)

*B2 Notes: Maybe I think too much when writing dances but this dance seems to tell a story.  Sure you start the dance with your partner but that Gent seems to spend an awful lot of time with other Ladies (sure the Lady does too but that's her prerogative).  Then the Gent "ditches" the Lady in B1 to swing the Neighbor Lady.  So in B2 the Lady is back to her Gent and then marches after in admonishment.  The whole dance seems to imitate the geese that run around where I live.

A convoluted and complex idea for B2 that's probably too strange and fits the "indecent" progression:
      Ladies cross the set by the Right (4)
      In your current set Everyone March 1 place Clockwise (2)
      Gents look Left to new set, with new set Everyone March 1 place Counterclockwise (2)
      Star Left 1/2 way (4) Partner Swat the Flea (4)

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