Monday, March 5, 2012

Roll Away

A simple dance that might just help Gents learn to let the Lady "roll" them as it gives both the "roller" and "rollee" feeling.

Roll Away by Stohl & Rob 12/09/11
Becket, Duple Minor
A1: Gents lead Half-hey by the Left Ladies Ricochet (8)
      Neighbor Swing (8)
A2: Ladies Chain with a Courtsey Turn (8)
      Ladies Right Allemande 1 time (8)
B1: Partner Balance and Swing (16)
B2: Circle Left half-way and Balance Circle (8)
      Gent Roll the Lady, Lady Roll the Gent (to progress) (8)*

*Note: Rolls do not include Sashays (that's an extra charge).


  1. Very excited to hear that this dance was called. The caller noted that they switched up the progression so that the Roll Aways were reversed. This would cause the progression to go the opposite way leaving the Gent free to walk right into the 1/2 hey instead of having to be rolled then stop and walk forward again.

  2. We enjoyed dancing it, and I shall call it too.
    There was some debate on about whether it was single or double progression. We danced it as single progression.

    1. Hi Mo,
      I'm glad that the dance was enjoyed and you pay me a great compliment in the proposed calling of the dance. Thank you!

      I know that with the style of the progression it could be that people shift into a double progression but it was intended to be a single progression (due to the end effect being easier and because I prefer single so no matter what I can dance with all the neighbors).

      It was also intended to be a counter clockwise becket. I read up on the yahoo group thread and will post a comment there too. I think Geoff mentioned that when he called it with the clockwise progression the start of the A1 began to happen early. The double roll away doesn't take up the whole phrasing. I think this would be alleviated if the gents have to be "rolled" second and then the gent would need to regroup to go forward again. That momentary pause accompanying the backwards travel would seem to have that extra beat or so to get them back on time. Also, I don't think that the backwards momentum from the roll away right into the half hey is an awkward feeling.

      Thanks again! Keep dancing.