Monday, March 26, 2012

Bob's Boogied

I read Bob's Boogie by Barb Kirchner and liked part of the dance but wanted the balances to happen at a different timing.  At first I tried to rotate the moves around to change the balances but unlike subbing an allemande for a do-si-do too many moves needed to be changed to get the progression to work.  Ultimately a dance that is similar but different and a name fitting it so that it is similar but different enough.

Bob's Boogied by Stohl & Rob
Becket, Duple Minor

A1: Balance the Ocean Wave (4)*
      Partner Right Allemande 1/2 way (4)
      Balance the Ocean Wave (4)
      Partner Right Allemande 3/4 ((4)
A2: Shadow Left Allemande 1 time (8)
       Partner Do-Si-Do 1 time (8)
B1: Partner Balance and Swing (16)
B2: Ladies lead by the Right a Right Diagonal Half-Hey (8)
       Ladies Left Allemande 1-1/2 times while Gents Orbits Clockwise 1/2 way (8)

*Dance is Becket but it starts with the Ocean Wave format so the balances happen when I wanted them too.  The Ladies are in the center holding Left Hands and Right Hands with their Partner.  Instructions should probably start with the second half of B2 to get the dancers lined up then teach from there.

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