Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where's Your Goose?

Another variation on the cross trails and goose theme:

Where's Your Goose? by Stohl & Rob
Improper, Duple Minor

*A1:  Partner Cross Trails (8)
       Left Shoulder Gypsy your Shadow 3/4 then back to Partner (8)
A2: Partner Right Shoulder Gypsy & Swing (16)
B1: Long Lines Forward, Gent steal the Neighbor Lady (8)
      Neighbor Swing (8)
*B2: Neighbors Cross Trails to a new set (8)
      Ladies Chain with the new Lady to your Partner for a Courtesy Turn (8)

*Progression is Improper, start the dance with sets rotated one space to the left though or start improper line up and chain the lady across the set and tell them the music starts from there.

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