Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You're My Biggest Fan

This dance is pretty simple with twirls written to provide a built in flurish into a swing. I think most dancers will realize this but noting it for newbies may help them to learn that moves can lead immediately into the next without a pause. This dance doesn't let anyone sleep.  Everyone is always moving!

You're My Biggest Fan by Stohl & Rob
Improper, Duple Minor

A1: Ladies pull by across by the right and Gent put Right arm around Lady to Butterfly whirl into place. (8)
        Face your Partner on the side of the set and Pass Thru across the set (4)  
        Partner Star Thru (4)
A2:  Partner Balance and Swing (16)
B1:  Gents lead a Full Hey by the Left, on the Second time through the
        Ladies Ricochet to stay with their Neighbor (Ladies end Ricochet to the Right of their Neighbor) (16)
B2 : Face your Neighbor on the side of the set and Pass Thru across the set (4)
       Neighbor Fan Thru (4)*
       Neighbor Swing (8) (Turn to new couple out of the Neighbor Swing)    

*A "Fan Thru" is a "Star Thru" but with opposite hands:  Lady's Right to Gent's Left with the Lady turning under the arch 1/4 clockwise while the Gent walks forward with a 1/4 turn counterclockwise.  I have recently read this to also be called a "Reverse Star Thru"

The Pass Thrus are hands free so that the dancers have the correct hands available to do the Star & Fan Thru.

The "Fan Thru" move keeps the correct hands together with your neighbor to do a flurish right into the 8-count swing.  I couldn't find a name for it so I made up "Fan Thru" because a definition for "star" gave "fan" as an antonym: star = lead in a play, fan = audience member.

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