Friday, February 17, 2012

Allemande Lande

Allemande Lande  by Stohl & Rob 2/12/12
Reverse Becket, Duple Minor

A1: Ladies Right Allemande 1-1/2 times (8)
      Neighbor Left Allemande 1 1/2 times (8)
A2: Gents Right Allemande 1 time (8)
      Neighbor Swing (8)
B1: Gents Left Allemande 1/2 time (4)
      Partner Swing (12)
B2: On the Left Diagonal Right and Left Thru with a Courtesy Turn. (8)
      Every put Left hands in high for a Left Hand All Allemande 1x(8)
     {Gents fall out and Ladies will keep going when the Dance starts over.}

Vickie Stohl and I were in a bit of a silly mood due to having contra danced the night before, staying awake until nearly 4 AM, and then returning to consciousness a few hours later. Of course the subject of contra dances came up and Vickie mentioned a dance that came to her on one of her epic work-related driving days.  At the time she'd recorded part of it into her phone under the title Allemande Land.

I still don't know how her original dance was intended to go but after hearing the name I jumped up and we just started allemanding until it worked out. I asked Vickie if there were too many allemandes in the dance. Her reply:

"Not if the dance is called 'Allemande Lande'!"

 This was the result of our combined brain power.
(Called this from original format and edited 5/14/12)

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