Thursday, February 23, 2012

Very Touching

I set out to write a dance that included a basket swing and I think this works well.  In walking through the dance by myself I noticed that it seemed as if you were touching someone for almost the entire dance.  All but a brief moment when the basket swing is formed that is, as well as two other possible breaks in contact following the first Star Thru when the couples turn back into the set individually and when the couples progress out of the neighbor swing.  Still... that's why the dance is "Very Touching" and not "Perpetual Contact" though I'm working on that dance!

Very Touching by Stohl & Rob 1/20/12
Improper, Duple Minor

A1: Balance the Ring (4)
      Lady Roll Partner Gent diagonally across set to Her Right {No Sashay}(4)
      Partner Swing (8)
A2: Partner Star Thru and turn back into set individually(4)
      Circle Left 1/2 way (4)
      Gent Roll Partner Lady diagonally across set {No Sashay}(4)
      Partner California Twirl to face previous couple(4)
B1: Basket Swing back to place (16)
B2: Partner Butterfly Whirl to other couple (4)
      Balance the ring {Partner can stay arm and arm around each other for the balance}(4)
      Neighbor Swing (8) progress to new couple out of the swing

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