Thursday, February 16, 2012

Substitute Fisch

Substitute Fisch by Stohl & Rob
Inspired by Substitute Contra by Heniner Fischle
Improper, Duple Minor

A1: Balance the Ring (4)
      Neighbor Swing (12)
A2: Long Line Forward and Back (8)
      Ladies Chain across to Partner (8)
B1: Partner Balance and Swing (16)
B2: Circle Left 3/4 (8)
      *Balance Ring (4)
      Dip and Dive (2's Dive Thru to progress) (8)

*Drop the balance of B2 to make it double progression by 2's dive with current couple then 1's dive with next couple to come to new starting couple.

I was looking around the web at various contra dance sites and I came across a page of dances by Heiner Fischle. A few caught my attention as ones that I'd like to call. For good or bad my brain made me tweak a couple just for the fun of it. I tried it with Substitute Contra because I thought getting in a longer partner swing isn't usually frowned upon. In order to get this I nudged the moves around a bit and I think this works as a nice easy contra. It's probably out there already because the moves are so basic, but for whatever it's worth.

*Called it double progression and dance was well received.

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